Everything from one source: Engineering – Production – Services

Our profound engineering expertise, long time experience and attention to detail ensures that our customers profit from innovative and reliable solutions, tailored to satisfy their specific requirements – with support from day one right through to the final stages of production.

Thanks to the dedicated application of our R&D strategy, coupled with our extensive know-how, we are specialist in the field of lightweight construction for large-scale structures and tanks. Top performance and minimum weight can be combined in the same technologically advanced products, thanks to special production processes, including counter-roller flow forming, spin-forming, complex welding techniques (e.g. friction stir welding) and modern composite fiber technologies, together with our skillful application of metal and composite fiber materials.

Our support and offer goes way beyond development and production. MT Aerospace has furthermore been responsible for the complete development, construction, operation and maintenance of ground facilities at the space port in Kourou, French Guiana, for many years and contributes significantly to the success of the ARIANE program through its reliable comprehensive service.

MT Mechatronics, responsible for all antennas and mechatronics projects, also provides a full range of related services, covering everything from advice and project management to system setup and maintenance.