Germany's new Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy, Dr. Anna Christmann, visits MT Aerospace AG in Augsburg

Augsburg, 03.03.2022. The Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy, Dr Anna Christmann, paid an inaugural visit to aerospace company MT Aerospace AG in Augsburg yesterday. MT Aerospace is a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE.

Space sector valued as a strategically important key industry

"The space sector is a strategically important key industry and essential for a secure and technologically sovereign Germany and Europe. With European rockets, we can launch scientific lighthouse projects like the James Webb Space Telescope as well as climate and navigation satellites into space. It is exciting to see how the building blocks that make these important projects possible are developed and manufactured in Germany. We need this expertise in Europe," explained Dr. Anna Christmann.

Hans Steininger, CEO of MT Aerospace, introduced Dr Christmann to the company together with his fellow board members Ulrich Scheib and Bernd Beschorner. "In addition to our classic Ariane business, we showed Dr Christmann how well we are doing in terms of innovation and the company's future-proof orientation in a dynamic market," said Steininger.

Dr Anna Christmann had the opportunity to take a look at the large production hall where components for the European launcher Ariane 6 are manufactured. With a share of ten percent, MT Aerospace is the largest German supplier to the European Ariane programme. The company's range of products was also explained to her using additively manufactured parts and CFRP components.

"In addition to precision engineered metallic components for aerospace that meet the highest safety requirements, we are also a sought-after partner for CFRP components (such as tanks for satellites and aircraft) and in additive manufacturing. Of course, we also manufacture at the highest level in these sectors," explained COO Bernd Beschorner. "We have integrated industrial 3D printing into our certified process chain in order to be able to establish it as quickly as possible for customers from the aerospace and other industries."
The competence of the engineers and the components of the Augsburg-based company are in demand worldwide, including in North America: "For the upcoming first launch of the US Space Launch System (SLS), components from Augsburg are on board, without which the launch vehicle could not even take off," said Ulrich Scheib.


About MT Aerospace AG
MT Aerospace AG is a leader in lightweight construction using metal and composite materials and is at home precisely where every gram counts: in the aerospace industry. The internationally leading group of companies in the field of space transport, satellites and aircraft equipment has developed manufacturing technologies that are unique worldwide. MT Aerospace specialises in systems and assemblies for launch vehicles, spacecraft and satellites and develops and manufactures groundbreaking products, including large load-bearing structures as well as cryogenic, satellite and aerospace tanks.

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