Minister of State Aiwanger convinces himself of the performance spectrum of MT Aerospace AG

Augsburg's traditional aerospace company breaks new ground

Augsburg, 28 April 2022 - "Minister of State Aiwanger visited us at exactly the right time, as we were able to explain to him today what the recently announced order from Amazon for the launch of Kuiper communications satellites with European Ariane 6 rockets means for our company and Augsburg as a space location: stability, security and growth," said Hans Steininger, CEO of MT Aeros-pace AG, summing up the visit.

Hans Steininger, CEO MT Aerospace AG, Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger, Dr Fabian Mehring, Member of State Parliament, Parliamentary Director of FREIE WÄHLER parliamentary group, Bernd Beschorner, COO MT Aerospace AG© StMWi/Elke Neureuther

During his visit to MT Aerospace, Hubert Aiwanger, Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and Deputy Minister-President of the Free State of Bavaria, informed himself about current projects and development perspectives. Currently, the development and production of structures and tanks for the European Ariane rocket programme as well as for satellites and the aerospace industry are the core business of the Augsburg-based company. With its expertise and globally competitive manufacturing processes, the specialist for lightweight construction aims to establish itself internationally and in commercial aerospace markets in the future. With sophisticated fibre composite manufacturing, industrial 3D printing and hydrogen technology, MT Aerospace plans to open up new markets for modern mobility concepts.

Bavarian expertise
"MT Aerospace is an indispensable cornerstone of the Bavarian aerospace industry. The projects and plans presented today exemplify the performance and innovative capacity of this key sector for Bavaria. I am more confident than ever that MT Aerospace is very well positioned for the future and will emerge strengthened from the recent crises, which have also presented the aerospace industry worldwide with some existential challenges," said Minister of State Aiwanger, who was able to see not only the large components for the Ariane 6 rockets but also various 3D printed components during his tour of the production halls. What they have in common is that all components must be designed to save mass, manufactured with high precision and meet the highest safety standards.

"Customers benefit from our profound knowledge of the properties of a broad range of materials and our processing methods. We have developed certified processes such as friction stir welding, in which metallic components are joined with high reliability, specifically to meet the high demands in the aerospace industry," COO Bernd Beschorner pointed out. "Our engineering services and the qualification of the components round off our portfolio."

"We have been firmly rooted in Bavaria for more than 50 years and appreciate the Bavarian government's commitment to continue positioning our state as a high-tech location with a strong aerospace industry," added Hans Steininger.

Europe sets the course for space activities
With a view to this year's ESA Ministerial Conference, which will focus on the budgets of the individual ESA member states and thus on medium-term planning, the board members of MT Aerospace suggested in a conversation with the Minister of State that "a German strategy for space travel with clear development prospects for Bavarian companies should be drawn up". Ulrich Scheib, member of the board of MT Aerospace, further explained: "In view of the growth of international markets, the time seems ripe to set the course now. Bavarian aerospace can make a decisive contribution to tackling social challenges such as climate change."

The board members pleaded for the subscribed German budget to be kept at the current level of 600 million euros. "Germany must now develop the "key technologies of the future" in the field of launchers: carbon fibre reinforced composites (CFRP), liquid propellant boosters and reusability as well as hydrogen technology are promising approaches with which the future of European space transport can be decisively shaped," said Ulrich Scheib.

"We are confident about the future of our company because we are well positioned in terms of personnel and technology. In the past decades, the Bavarian government has always understood how to make the high-tech location of Bavaria fit for the future, so I am convinced that new industrial concepts will continue to be developed in Bavaria and that top-class products and services can continue to be offered," added Hans Steininger.

About MT Aerospace
MT Aerospace AG is a leader in lightweight construction using metal and composite materials and is at home precisely where every gram counts: in the aerospace industry. The internationally leading group of companies in the field of space transport, satellites and aircraft equipment has developed manufacturing technologies that are unique worldwide. MT Aerospace specialises in systems and assemblies for launch vehicles, spacecraft and satellites and develops and manufactures ground-breaking products, including large load-bearing structures as well as cryogenic, satellite and aerospace tanks.

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