MT Aerospace make launche vehicles around 40 per cent lighter

MT Aerospace is the largest Ariane partner in Germany.

Steel has been used to date in manufacturing the motor housing and other large structural components of the “Ariane 5” launch vehicle. The components of the future “Ariane 6” rocket are to be manufactured from carbon fibre composite (CFC) enabling savings in weight of up to 40 per cent. MT is currently preparing this change in technology with a new manufacturing process using resin infusion which dispenses with the otherwise complex curing of the material in a pressure chamber. The goal of the project is to provide evidence of a new, less expensive manufacturing process for motor housings made of carbon fibre with a capacity of approx. 135 tonnes of fuel. This would be almost twice as much as the CFC housings manufactured in Europe to date which only have a capacity of 80 tonnes of fuel.

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