MT Mechatronics participating in major Heinrich Hertz mission

Mainz/Bochum September 21, 2018. The Mainz-based company MT Mechatronics Germany, a subsidiary of MT Aerospace AG, has today been awarded a contract for the production and delivery of five antennas by prime contractor SCISYS Deutschland GmbH for the ground segment of the “Heinrich Hertz” national satellite communications mission.

Mainz-based company awarded contract by SCISYS to build five antennas for the Heinrich Hertz project

The five ground stations with antenna diameters between 7.3 to 13 meters will be performing various functions within the ground segment (in Germany). They will make it possible to control the satellite, execute and monitor the experiments and utilize the communication payloads on board of the satellite.

The contract between SCISYS and MT Mechatronics was signed today, Friday, in Bochum. “We are pleased that SCISYS has chosen us as the supplier for the antenna technology. This once again underscores MT Mechatronics’ capabilities and skills in the field of military satellite communications,” says Hans Steininger, CEO of MT Aerospace AG and thus the parent company of MT Mechatronics.

With the German “Heinrich Hertz” satellite communications mission, it will be possible to test new technologies under the extreme conditions of outer space and to carry out around 20 communications, antenna and satellite technology experiments on board the satellite. In addition, the satellite will be fitted with an independent telecommunications payload, which will be used by the Federal Ministry of Defense for communication purposes. Heinrich Hertz is being sponsored by DLR Space Management using funds provided by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and with the participation of the Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg).

With this contract award, MT Mechatronics can once again assert itself in this market segment and expand its position.

SCISYS Director Ulli Leibnitz with Thomas Zimmerer, Senior Vice President Business Development Sales & Marketing at MT Mechatronics
SCISYS Director Ulli Leibnitz with Thomas Zimmerer, Senior Vice President Business Development Sales & Marketing at MT Mechatronics

About MT Mechatronics
MT Mechatronics in Mainz emerged from the Antenna division of MAN Gustavsburg. Today we belong to MT Aerospace AG and OHB SE and, with more than 55 years of experience in the field, specialize in turnkey communication antennae, optical and radio telescopes, industrial plants, mechatronic equipment for research facilities, launch systems for European space programs and medical apparatus for cancer therapy. Our range of products and services encompasses the entire supply chain from design to development, manufacturing, system integration and commissioning, training, servicing and plant operation.

SCISYS Space is one of the leading providers of integrated ICT solutions for aerospace. In the ground segment, SCISYS is a reliable and experienced partner in the areas of monitoring & control, data processing, automation, intelligent autonomous systems, system modeling and simulation, network infrastructures, data services and user-oriented applications. SCISYS Space also provides experts in satellite control, mission support and data evaluation for the planning and long-term operation of space missions.

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