Think composites - lift your tanks and structures to new heights of performance and cost efficiency

→ High design flexibility & advanced functional tailoring → Highest strength-to-weight ratio → In-depth know-how of composite processes, materials and design

Using composite materials with its highest strength-to-weight ratio allows a high flexibility in design with advanced functional tailoring opportunities. Complex geometries can be achieved and assembly steps can be reduced or avoided by integral design approaches. Part counts can be reduced.

MT Aerospace can draw on more than 50 years of experience in the field of lightweight construction and component optimisation, pioneering solutions with composites all the while. In many industries, including aerospace, the need is growing for lighter, stronger and more cost-competitive components made available more quickly. For 20 years, the company has been successfully implementing projects in composite technologies for the aerospace industry (and other industries such as automotive), which are developed in-house; ranging from concept development - incl. material selection -, design, layout and production to industrialisation. For this reason, MT Aerospace has established flexible and automated composites manufacturing, coupled with digitally integrated engineering. Through it the time to a first prototype and to subsequent series production can be streamlined.

Composites at MT Aerospace

MT Aerospace can map the entire value chain of all necessary process steps, ranging from design layout, topology optimisation, process development, material selection, manufacturing, integration, non-destructive testing (NDI) functional testing and qualification/certification. Our customers get everything from a single source: from your initial idea to series production; we can implement everything together with you. MT Aerospace is more than a service provider; we provide, realise and deliver solutions tailored to your requirements.

Regardless of the industry from which our customers' projects originate, the complete documentation of all materials and processes is particularly important to us.

Range of Services

We have in-depth composites process know-how
We advise our customers on design layout and material selection
We provide engineering services (design, analysis, qualification/certification)
We produce customer components from prototypes to series applications
We have large manufacturing capacities of various technologies
We develop and qualify new materials & process parameters
We work according to EN9100 and use opportunities for qualification/certification/NDI
We offer the entire value chain, from development to manufacturing to finishing and assembly, NDI and qualification.


We are an EASA Part 21G approved production organisation
We are an EASA Part 145 approved maintenance organisation
We hold delegated design authority for Ariane 6 launcher primary structures and tanks.


Automated Fibre Placement
Filament Winding
Resin Infusion
Hand layup
Ultrasound, Terahertz, DIC

Manufacturing infrastructure

AFP Cell (12T, D3,6m, L9m)
Cleanrooms (400 m²)
Autoclave (D2,2m, D>4m coming soon)
Ovens (D4m, L12m)
Winders (D2m, L8m)
CFRP NC Milling Centre (coming soon)

Composites contact partners

Steffen Kress - Head of Sales
phone: +49 151 54 44 12 02

Matthias Malcherzyk - Head of Composites Product Engineering
phone: +49 174 31 50 876

Matt Jevons - Head of Composites Materials and Process Technologies
phone: +49 160 84 62 976

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