Let's rocket!

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MT Aerospace is one of the leading partners in Europe’s prestigious space programmes and a supplier of systems and assemblies for launcher rockets, spacecraft and satellites. We develop and build pioneering products including large load-bearing structures, booster casings and cryo and satellite tanks. Our premium-quality solutions are in use in numerous space systems: e.g. ARIANE 6, ARIANE 5, H-IIA, NASA Space Launch System, Eurostar, Iridium, Alphabus and SmallGEO.

We are also playing a key role in the development of the new, modular ARIANE 6. The successful maiden flight of the future carrier system was on July 9th 2024. With reduced production costs for greater competitiveness it secures Germany’s and Europe’s independent access to space. With this commitment and as an experienced service provider for the operation of the spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, we are making a major contribution to the reliability of the ARIANE programme and its global leading position.

From the very first idea right through to precise implementation, we foster direct and personal exchange with our clients and partners. Together, we create complete solutions which are tailored precisely to our customers’ requirements. We are continuously developing our materials, production technologies and lightweight constructions in order to provide our customers with an ever-growing range of solutions and to pave new ground in the future.