Hydrogen is the driver for future decarbonised mobility solutions

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Hydrogen is an essential element in the transformation to reduce fossil fuels towards CO2 neutrality and decarbonisation. Future mobility solutions, for instance in the maritime sector, aviation and transport, will be revolutionised by the use of hydrogen technology. At MT Aerospace, we develop innovative solutions for the storage of liquid and gaseous hydrogen as well as for the supply of fuel cells and direct combustion.

Hydrogen technology at MT Aerospace

MT Aerospace has decades of experience in the use of liquid hydrogen in rocket propulsion systems. This expertise results both from sustainable technology innovations and a large number of product-related cryogenic tests. The further development of know-how into complete cryogenic hydrogen storage and supply systems is a differentiating feature for MT Aerospace and is used in electric drive systems for future e-mobility as well as for solutions in the field of decentralised energy supply.

Range of services

Development, design, manufacturing and testing of:

Storage systems for liquid and gaseous hydrogen
Electric drive systems based on hydrogen
Hydrogen supply systems for decentralised/sectoral energy production

Expertise in hydrogen technology

Validated hydrogen models based on cryogenic test campaigns
In-depth phenomenological knowledge of hydrogen state changes
Many years of experience with products from the hydrogen value chain
High maturity of available technologies
Ongoing H2 research projects with international network

Hydrogen technology contact partners

Dr. Günther Schullerer Director of Engineering
email: guenther.schullerer@mt-aerospace.de
phone: +49 170 221 6765

Markus Staudt Head of Business Development Export, Defence & Hydrogen
email: markus.staudt@mt-aerospace.de
phone: +49 160 434 8999

Reference project

Ariane 6 - Next generation launcher

Since the launch of the Ariane programme in 1973, MT Aerospace has not only built up decades of expertise and made Augsburg an important location for space transport, but has also set standards in terms of reliability, payload capacity and quality. No other launch vehicle has claimed as many successful launches in succession as Ariane. It is capable of transporting heavy payloads into low Earth orbit, several satellites into medium orbit or one or two satellites into geostationary transfer orbit.

With a work share of about 11 percent, we manufacture all cryogenic storage tanks (made of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen) for Ariane 6. MT Aerospace draws on its in-depth expertise in the selection of suitable materials according to technical and commercial framework conditions as well as the implementation of industrialised manufacturing processes for the economical production of structural tanks.

The modular, flexible and competitive Ariane 6 will offer the best solution for commercial and institutional customers.