Commercial of the Shelf (COTS)

Diaphragm Tanks

177 litre PTD Hydrazine (N2H4) 222 litre PTD Hydrazine (N2H4)    
177l PED
Hydrazine (N2H4)
222l PED
Hydrazine (N2H4)

High Pressure Vessels (HPV) Helium, Nitrogen & Xenon

60 litre S-XTA Xenon (Xe) 40 - 75 litre HeHPV Family (He) 50 litre HeHPV (He) 65 litre HeHPV (He)
60l S-XTA Xenon (Xe) 40l - 75l HeHPV Family (He) 50l HeHPV (He) 65l HeHPV (He)

COTS with delta Qualification needed

Diaphragm Tanks

High Pressure Vessels (HPV)
Helium, Nitrogen & Xenon

96 litre PTD Hydrazine (N2H4) 222 litre MON-compatible – Iridium Tank   120 litre Helium Tank
96l PED Hydrazine (N2H4) 222l MON-compatible Tank   120l HeHPV (He)


124-590 litre PMD Family (Airbus Design Authority) 124 litre PMD 166 litre PMD 267 litre PMD - 288 litre PMD - 393 litre PMD

124l-590l PMD Family (Airbus Design Authority)


124l PMD 166l PMD 267l PMD
288l PMD
393l PMD
406 litre PMD 517 litre PMD - 550 litre PMD - 590 litre PMD    

406l PMD


517l PMD
550l PMD
590l PMD

ARIANE 5 Tanks

183 litre Hydraulic Oil Tank 520 litre Hydraulic Oil Tank    
183l Hydraulic Oil Tank 520l Hydraulic Oil Tank    

ATV Program (Restart Activities Required)

847 litre Bi-propellant PMD Tank 132 litre O2, N2, Air Storage Tank 296 litre Water Bladder Tank  
847l Bi-propellant PMD Tank 132l O2, N2,
Air Storage Tank
296l Water Bladder Tank  

Alphabus Program

EPS Program
(Restart Activities Required)

1622 litre PMD Tank - 1910 litre PMD Tank   1908 litre GRD Tank - 2335 litre GRD Tank  
1.622l PMD Tank
1.910l PMD Tank
  1.908l GRD Tank
2.335l GRD Tank

Tanks under Development

High Pressure Vessels (HPV) for Electric Propulsion (EP) – XTA - Xenon

1-7 litre XS-XTA Family - 7 litre XS-XTA 40-120 litre S-XTA Family 120-300 litre M-XTA Family - 180 litre M-XTA 600-900 litre L-XTA Family 1 - 300-500 litre L-XTA Family 2

1l-7l XS-XTA Family


40l-120l S-XTA Family 120l-300l M-XTA Family
180l M-XTA
300l-500l L-XTA
Family 2

600l-900l L-XTA
Family 1
740 litre L-XTA      
740l Bi-Propellant MMH/MON Tank